BIHAR and UP :
If you call someone a Bihari he will punch you on your face on the spot. Its become a SLANG (GALI) for most of the india. I personally tell you in New delhi (capital of India) educated people use to treat this word as a slang and will hit you for sure. Never try it!! That is not because he is bad but all sorts of corupption goes in there. Famous corruption is “CHARA GHOTALA”. You can get hell lot of article on this topic.

Lets see some pics of most famous biharis and UPian’s which earns not only the defame for bihar but for the whole country..



Lalu’s is criticized mainly for three things – his use of caste-politics, his support to anti-social elements and corruption.

  • The most famous being the “Fodder scam”
  • From 1997 to 2001, Lalu was sent to jail five times
  • Has two sons and seven daughters (think of indian population now)
  • Lalu’s favourite quote,”Jab tak rahega samosa me Aloo, tab tak rahega Bihar me Laloo”, meaning without Laloo, there is no Bihar just as without Aloo (potato) there is no Samosa.source:

2) Mulayam Singh Yadav (Chief Minister UP)


Funny and Sarcastic too:

My personal experience, I went to do my summer training in TATA Chemical Babarala.At that time election was going round the country and he (MSY) came there to meet some delegates of the company. Next day polling was supposed to be done in that area. And when people went to cast there vote they were told that there vote was being casted by somebody else.Now you can think he is not only responsible for better of india (sarcastic) but also most of the higher class are there too.
3) Mayawati, Bahujan Samaj Party leader


Just search on google, I think you get all the things about here USUAL DRAMA.

There are lot more people involved in betterment of india. Will disscuss it soon but I have no time right now.