I am very happy to tell you that I have completed the development of inventwheel.com and now it is live.

Website URL : http://www.inventwheel.com
Facebook Application : http://apps.facebook.com/inventwheel

Well I won’t say it a beta launch (pre alpha term would have suited more). If you have some spare time, visit it and let me know your views on it.

Basic Idea behind Inventwheel:
Read Think and Innovate. Read about new and popular ideas everyday.

Contribute – Submit Articles
One can also submit articles to inventwheel which he/she can directly access from facebook.

Favorite Article Showcase – Add facebook widget
Save your favorite articles and add facebook widget to showcase your articles to your profile viewer.

Get updates on your facebook wall
You don’t need to go outside facebook to read, like and comment on our article you can just do it from your facebook page. Add your articles on your facebook profile just by clicking “add to facebook” ! You can integrate it with twitter, linked in and facebook.

Wow, you read everything in here..  Thanks for you patience.